Little One

From our December 2012 issue

By Lillian (Rafuse) (Reisinger) Crowe – Berwyn, Alta.

He was only known as “little one”
As he faithfully worked from sun to sun,
Trudging thru’ every kind of day,
Carrying pots, or wood or hay.

His legs were too stubby, his ears too long,
How he wished to be beautiful, big and strong
Then one day two strangers came by –
A man and his wife. He wondered why

They would purchase the likes of him to carry
The beautiful lady the man called Mary.
He placed her gently on little one’s back,
And carefully led him along the track

That brought them at last to Bethlehem,
But everyone said “No room” to them.
So little one plodded on and on
Thru’ the night till his strength was almost gone,

Walking as softly as he was able
Till they came at last to a lowly stable.
He was much too tired to even eat
And lay down to rest his unshod feet.

He slept to be wakened by blinding light
That came from a star shining in the night,
Triumphant music came from afar
And wise men guided by the star.

In awe he gazed at a lovely child
And shepherds and sheep so meek and mild.
The mother’s face shone with holy light,
Bright angels made a glorious sight,

Then he knew the privilege he’d been given
He’d carried the precious son of heaven.
His heart almost burst with pride and joy
As he bowed his head to the tiny boy.

The baby’s hand touched his bristled nose
It was soft as the petals from a rose.
He knew from then he was set apart
And happiness grew in his humble heart.

Now in Christ’s birthday he has a share,
In Nativity scenes he is always there.
And altho’ his beauty will never show
In his faithful heart it will always glow.