God’s Precious Cherubs

From our December 2012 issue

By Theresa Brassard – Prince Albert, Sask.

As you walk along the streets each day
You see many kinds of people
For some are short and some are tall
And some are very cripple.

The cripple child is handicapped
In many different ways
The words may be inside him or her
But don’t know how to say.

A cheery hello, how are you?
Or run to hold your hand,
But the smile that lights up that little face
Makes everything just grand.

Some people had them hidden
Behind a cold, locked door
They were treated just like animals.
And their hearts were heavy and sore.

Some people called them stupid
But they don’t seem to be
Just because they were not born
To be like you and me.

Now think of just how you would feel
If someone laughed at you.
If you were born with a crooked face
Or wore a built up shoe.

So treat them all with tender care
While on this earth they stay
For God has a place awaiting
In Heaven for them some day.

There, no one will be different
We all will be the same
There will be no more heartache
And no one will be lame.