Eager driver learns valuable lessons

From our December 2012 issue

By Ruth Dubuc – Kelowna, B.C.

I remember a day when dad and Harold went into town with the car, but as it happened the car’s brakes weren’t working.

On the way home dad decided they should take the north road because it went by a certain farmer’s place. I only knew him as ‘Please Mister’, and maybe dad could collect some money he was owed.

Dad must not have been feeling well because he let Harold drive which occurred as often as you would see a blue moon in the sky.

When Harold got to the top of the English River hill, he asked dad if they were stopping. It would give him time to get the car stopped before reaching the gate. Dad said no, but when they got to the bottom of the hill he changed his mind, but it was too late and the car went sailing through the gate.

Dad did get the money but he was late leaving for home because he had to repair the damage to the gate.

Uncle had history of heart problems

Another time when Harold was staying at Uncle Jacob’s doing chores, he and Uncle Jacob went to town. Uncle Jacob wasn’t keen on driving and had a history of heart problems. He let Harold drive which suited Harold to a “T”.

However, Harold hadn’t had that much experience driving. He was going too slow up the English River hill and the car stalled.

Every time Harold tried to get the car going it would start rolling backwards down the hill. Harold asked Uncle Jacob to take over the driving but Uncle Jacob’s response was, “You stalled it, now take us out of here.”

He then proceeded to tell Harold he’d have to start the car and ease off the clutch and at the same time giving the car some gas to get them going. This was a good driving lesson for Harold and one he probably never forgot.