Concert At Kelvin School

from our December 2012 issue

By Arthur Klassen, Newton Siding, Man.

South of Portage some 20 miles,
Was the school called Kelvin,
A place of learning for kids,
A place for us a career to win.

One room, one teacher
With students up to Grade 8,
Teaching near 30 kids was for an 18-year-old
a heavy weight.

Fall is here and then it’s time
To plan for the yearly concert,
The teacher knows it’s her time to put on a show
Preparations are made for all the kids
A part to play, all will sing in the choir
and hope that they all stay.

The welcome poem recited by little Jane,
she is so sweet,
It is for all that have come a special treat.
Grades 2 to 4 are very good with the drill,
Dressed in their fancy tunics
They did the stage fill.

Susie’s solo put the crowd at ease
We had promised that if she falters no one will tease.
Her up-and-coming talent is what listeners like,
It’s too bad that we don’t have for her a mike.

The play is funny and has good actors that play the parts,
Auditions had been held and all did their best to get on the charts.
Enough were chosen and now with our skills, the crowd was thrilled
Speak clearly, act funny, we were told, then the room with laughter will be filled.

The pageant is done with all its glamour
And the holy family appears,
We are sincere yet have to snicker
When a player gets some fears.
The choir sings the carols
Of the birth of ancient days,
This presentation of the Christmas story
With everyone stays.

The stage was built so that the actors could be seen,
A curtain we hid behind
When it’s time to change the scene.
Our announcer, Jack Boardman,
The school board chair,
His dry humour and witty jokes were to us
A sign that he did care
The district will always remember
“Good old Jack”.

The closing poem came near the end,
There would be more,
One of the fathers had quietly slipped out the door,
Chairman Jack knew how to keep us in suspense,
Of all things, solemnly he announced poor old Santa stuck in a fence.
That was for all the kids a blow
But Jack knew how to tease.

Joe Payette with red suit and body size to fit
Had found us, every year the same,
First the teacher had her kiss, what a fuss.
Presents and bags of goodies
Were there for all of us.
Santa was a hero for all the prairie kids at that time,
and even today Joe in our remembrance
Was the real Santa.

Thus to an end came the program
And the highlight of the year,
Homeward bound with open sleigh and horses in high gear,
The teacher she had won the crowd with the performance
And now we wish you all “Merry Christmas”.