Plucky youngsters picked potatoes

From our October 2012 issue

By Rita Bowey – Senlac, Sask.

When I was growing up, my aunt and uncle would bring all the fixings for a big wiener roast at our place. All the food tasted so good. It was kind of them to do this for us.

When we went to visit them there was another wiener roast. While we were waiting for the fire to get going, we’d each have a jar to catch fireflies.

I remember when we three kids went for the milk cows. We had one cow who would lounge in the bushes and we wouldn’t hear the bell ringing. She did this when it rained, too. Drat!

I also remember when my aunt came to our place and told us some people needed help picking up potatoes, so off we three kids went. We had dinner at these people’s place, then back to work again.

When we were finished before supper the people gave us $1 each for one day’s work. We thought we were rich!