Nursed doe back to health

From our October 2012 issue

By Ida Gillatt – North Battleford, Sask.

One spring morning several years ago, I walked to the fruit trees in our yard. There I found a doe with a newborn fawn and she couldn’t get up.

I went and got Cliff and we brought food and drink to the doe. We did this twice a day. On the third morning, the fawn wasn’t there. Cliff walked along the fence and found it in the grass, so he brought it back to the doe.

On the fifth morning the doe was trying to stand so we put our hands under her and lifted her onto her feet. We did not go down that night.

The next morning they had moved down to the slough and the doe was eating grass. The fawn was standing under her body, parallel to her, nursing.

Three days later they came into the house yard. We didn’t want them to go onto the highway so Cliff went and opened the pasture gate and they followed him out into the pasture. We would often see them feeding.