Farmhouse rang with sounds of rehearsals

From our October 2012 issue

Dear editor:

My husband and I were surprised and pleased to read an article in The Senior Paper written by Donald Sutherland from Winnipeg.

In his story, he reminisces about the dances he attended in Plato, Sask. and mentioned the band, Jack Rowley’s three-piece orchestra, made up of Jack Rowley, Mr. Sutherland’s cousin, Sarah, and Rosare Turcotte.

Jack was my husband’s father and my father-in-law. Jack was a wonderful, gentle man who treated everyone with kindness and respect.

His music brought joy to countless numbers of people in the Tyner-Plato-Eston area. His farmhouse rang with the sounds of rehearsals and Warren, his son, grew up surrounded by music. His mother was a vocalist by the name of Avada Thompson, once a member of the Happy Gang.

Warren became a musician in his own right and for many years, every time Jack came to visit at our home, Warren would join him and the music would continue. We have several much-prized recordings of their music.

It is of no surprise that Jack lives on in our memories but it was very touching to read about him in the paper and to realize that he lives on in the memories of others.

Thank you, Mr. Sutherland for sharing your memories.

— Warren & Cheryl Rowley, Calgary, Alta.