Families enjoyed old-fashioned fun together

From our October 2012 issue

By Dorothy (Corey) Nichol-Hack – Oliver, B.C.

Growing up in the 1930s, my family and other families were known as the ‘Swede’ bunch. Every other Saturday or Sunday we’d have a picnic at one-another’s farms.

Softball games were a specialty because kids and adults took part, probably in a pasture minus the cows and their droppings. The ladies would bring a variety of food, having decided the previous week what to bring. There were no phones in those days, at least that any of us could afford. Fried chicken was usually the main course, wonderful meaty pieces.

In the winter the parties were indoors. There was always wonderful old-time music because somebody could play a violin, accordion piano, and so on. The children played games, and often the men would play bridge and the ladies entertained the kids or themselves, depending on the event at hand.

Christmas and New Year’s were always very special. The men could usually afford a small drum of beer, and the ladies would have a gallon of wine, though it certainly was far from the present wonderful wines being produced in the area here in the south Okanagan where I now live.