Boys played rough soccer

From our November 2012 issue

By Doug Sanderson – Regina, Sask.

Hello to fellow Senior Paper reader Chuck Morden of McCreary, Manitoba! I remember going to his home farmyard northwest of Elm Creek a couple of times – once to buy a nice sorrel pony about 14 hands high to train as a children’s pony. We called him Sandy.

I also remember playing soccer at recess and noon, our ‘body-contact’ version of the game, with the principal, Max Parker who was 6’2”. Hitting him or one of the Morden boys was like bumping into an oak tree.

One day I drove one of Chuck’s older brothers home with a team of 1,200-pound Grays on a cutter across No. 2 Highway north to their farm. My dad had gotten him to help dig a water well in the cow barn. They had made two wooden cribs, one inside the other, to keep back sand cave-ins.

Another reader mentioned a Farmall ‘A’ tractor they liked in the 1940s. Yes, they were great, especially on the hot days in the fall pulling the horse binder.

My older sister and I used to drive it six miles to Elm Creek dances. It had good lights and a starter. She drove into town and I stood on the drawbar. On the way home I’d drive. It was a bit hard on her silk stockings.