First nephew was a ‘love child’

From our October 2012 issue

By Lillian Egan – West Vancouver, B.C.

My nephew, Alan Buchanan, was delivered on a cold, wintry November night in Saskatchewan by a capable Swiss midwife, Miss Dubraska.

My brother Bud came home very excited, after seeing Ethel and son, and went to the piano and played “I’m Alone Because I Love You.”

Alan, being the first of our nieces and nephews, was very special. One afternoon my sister Edith and I were watching him sleep and I said, “He is so beautiful.”

Edith replied, “That is because he is a ‘Love Child’.” His parents were deeply in love and continued throughout their marriage. Alan was a little dickens. We used to tease him and told him he should ‘reform’.

One evening George and I teared up when Alan in his red snowsuit turned up his little face for a good-bye kiss and so seriously said, “Baby Awlin might farm a little.”

My brothers never used foul language in the house but Alan must have learned it in the barn, as he tagged along with them.

One night he wouldn’t stop crying because his parents had gone to a dance and left him with the Allansons’ whose log house was joined to the barn. Aggie told Alan their horse, ‘Lady,’ was sick and his crying was upsetting her.

He finally went to sleep and in the morning started crying again. Aggie again reminded him of Lady, and he said, “Isn’t that old @#$!% dead yet?”

They returned to Weirdale and one day Bud was showing Aldge Fleury his barley crop, leaving Alan and cousin Kenny in the car. When they returned both boys were crying. Alan was at the steering wheel and said, “Don’t cry, sweetheart. If I get the s.o.b. started, I’ll get you home.”

Our close bond continues with Alan, always ending our telephone conversation with, “I love you Aunty.”