Bung blew and gave her a buttermilk bath!

from our October 2012 issue

By Maxine Adair – Harris, Sask.

Remember homemade fresh dairy butter and fresh from the oven homemade bread? Mmmm!

My mother used a barrel shaped churn. As you pushed the handle, it turned the churn over and over. In the top you poured in the cream and locked the door. In the bottom there was a bung, a cork in the hole.

In the churning process, you pulled out the bung to release built up gas and also when finished to drain out the accumulated buttermilk.

It was at the point where you could hear the buttermilk. Just a few more rolls and just as I walked through the kitchen door, the bung blew out. This was the first and last time I had a buttermilk bath.

To complete, the butter was well-washed and then salt was added. Mixed well, the butter was put into a one-pound mold, placed on butter paper, folded carefully, and put into a cooler.