Thumbs loss was a consequence of his horseplay

From our October 2012 issue

By Julien Piche – Calgary, Alta.

I was born in 1926 in Gravelbourg, Sask. My parents, Eloi and Elmira Piche, lived north on Highway 4, approximately seven miles outside of Cadillac.

I attended Benford School in 1933, which, at the time, was about eight miles north of Cadillac. I remember attending a school picnic at the Cadillac school where there was a three-legged race.

Dr. Porter was the doctor who helped bring my brother into the world. There was no hospital at that time. Mrs. Bradley, whose home was just south of Cadillac, is where everyone went. The doctor would come there.

About 10 days after my brother was born, I was foolishly playing around a power take off (PTO) on a tractor and severely cut my thumb.

A neighbour drove my dad and I to Mrs. Bradley’s home where Dr. Porter removed my thumb. He stitched me up, then sent me home that same day with my parents and new baby brother.

My family – there were nine of us, five girls and four boys – moved into Gravelbourg in 1937 so dad could find work with Dray Deliveries.