The Seasons

From our October 2012 Issue

By Wylma Hanson – Dinsmore, Sask.

Flowers fading, dying
Leaves are turning red
Birds southward flying
It seems that Nature’s dead
‘Tis Fall!

Snowflakes lightly falling
Snowbirds flying low
Twinkling frost, so biting
How cold the wind does blow!
‘Tis Winter!

Raindrops tapping gently
On the windowpane
Flowers shyly peeping
All is bright again
‘Tis Spring!

Sun is shining brightly
Roses sweet and gay
Brooks merrily rippling
What a lovely day!
‘Tis Summer!

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
The seasons of the year
I cannot say which is the best
To me, they are all so dear!