Royal Coronation medallions

From our October 2012 issue

By Anita Huziak – Togo, Sask.

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year. In celebration of her coronation all school children received two medallions, if I remember correctly.

One had a coloured striped ribbon attached to it and it pinned on with a safety-like pin. The other was a large coin, silver I think, with her image and date of coronation. I was attending a one-room country school at the time and was in Grade 2 or 3.

How I wish I had looked after it. Lately, I went to an antique store but only found a similar medallion celebrating King George VI when he was crowned in 1937.

We always sang God Save the Queen in the country school. I don’t remember singing it once we went to the large school in town.

Queen Elizabeth II has given excellent service for 60 years. May we pay tribute now and wish her the very best in years to come. God Save Our Queen!

King George VI coronation medallion


Queen Elizabeth II coronation medallions