Remember a slower-paced world?

From our February 2013 issue

Hi Everybody:

My parents started their farming career on the Elmer farm 4-1⁄2 miles east of Viceroy, Sask. in a T. Eaton package home, #55, in the fall of 1925. I remember very little about this home as I was very young at the time.

Mother and I, and other family members, visited this farm on several occasions in the early 1950s. As the house had been abandoned and boarded up for a number of years, we didn’t venture inside.

I was born in the Bengough Hospital, but my brothers, Adam and Fred, were born in this T. Eaton house. We have several photos of it as well.

The story by Art Miner in the April 2012 issue of The Senior Paper brought back memories of both Mr. Miner and the Massey ‘44’ tractor, which was a very popular Massey tractor. I not only knew Mr. Minor, but Mrs. Glennie and my family are friends of hers today.

Although I was not into mink raising, I recall the mink ranch at Glen Ewen, Sask. operated by Mr. Leonard and I believe Mr. Ched Cranston, the handyman also of Glen Ewen.

Not only was this a budding enterprise, but it was a place where old horses and cows were slaughtered, dressed, and ground into mink feed, which was stored in a large refrigerated building to keep it fresh until it was fed to the mink.

I’m not certain as to what happened to this ranch, but it seems that all at once, as if overnight, it was gone.

I hope that the above will bring back memories to people of when our world travelled at a slower pace.

– Michael Bartolf, Oxbow, Sask.