‘It’s that boy again, playing tricks’

From our February 2013 issue

By John York – Saskatoon, Sask.

When I was a boy of 10 and growing up on the farm, I always had chores to do such as feeding chickens, gathering eggs, and bringing in the cows from the pasture for the milking.
My folks tried to keep six cows milking to supply milk and cream.

On one such day when the folks were milking and I was wandering around outside the barn, I spied an old black jumbo sweater that dad had worn and left hanging on a post.

A glorious, fun idea came to me. One of our cows named May had horns. I waited until the cows were milked and came out of the barn.

When May appeared I flung the sweater and it landed squarely on her horns and over her eyes. She was tossing her head from side to side trying to get rid of it. When the other cows looked and saw this weird apparatus coming behind them, they all stuck their tails in the air and ran away.

The folks heard the commotion and mom inquired what had happened. Dad told her it was “that boy again, playing tricks.”

I thought I might get a talking to but I guess I was lucky that the cows were milked because I was always warned never to run the cows with full udders.