‘I missed a lot of my school years’

from our February 2013 issue

By Mary Hildebrandt – Steinbach, Man.

I was born in Rosenfeld, Man., but was raised in Saskatchewan around Hague and grew up on the farm. We never lived close to a school.

Because my parents moved many times, I missed a lot of my school years. One school I went to I had to walk six miles, three miles one way and three miles back home. I walked two miles alone and then I walked together with my good friends.

We had very nice teacher. I never could go to school in the wintertime. That, I really missed a lot.

We didn’t live there for very long when my dad bought a homestead called Swan Plain which was 300 miles away. At that time I was only 13 and I didn’t go to school anymore because it was too far away.

It was in a valley with a lake and river close-by.