“I liked the grits with a few lumps in it”

from our February 2013 issue

By Dan Thedroff – Mission, B.C.

When I was six years old in 1938, we lived about five miles from Crane Valley in southern Saskatchewan.

We never had much to live on in those days. We had some chickens, pigs, and cows and a large garden so we never went hungry.

One day dad put a few bags of grain in the wagon. He and mom took me along to the elevator in Crane Valley where they had a mill.

From the grain we got flour and some was made into a cereal, which we called grits. We had a lot of breakfasts with cooked grits and milk which, I think, was very good tasting.

I liked the grits with a few lumps in it. The others never liked it that way. I don’t know how mom kept it separate.

The closest I found in the past few years that has a similar taste is Wheatlets. I still make it once in a while and, yes, I still like it with lumps.

After we were done at the mill, we went to the general store. I remember very well the man who ran it. It was Frank Abdou. He knew everyone in the area.

We got a few groceries, mainly the things we really needed and could afford. When we were ready to go, he called me over and gave me a wrapped candy. He had a big jar of them on the counter.

Whenever I got to go with mom and dad, maybe once or twice a month, he’d always give me a candy. I was very happy to get this treat because I never got very many.

I remember mom and dad told me to thank him which I always did. He always smiled and said, “You are welcome.”

It seems in those days we were very thankful for everything we got, no matter what it was.