Aged Fruitcake

from our February 2013 issue

By Yvonne (Craeyveldt) DeBruyne – Radville, Sask.

Last spring I decided to put my name in to move into a low rental apartment in Radville and sell my big house and yard.

My name came up in September. I had two months to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. It was a big decision.

My daughter, Lorraine Weise, came from Alberta to help me for the two months.

When we were packing and sorting from the cold room I had a crock with a lid on. That’s the crock my mother used to put her Christmas fruitcake in to cure. She’d always make her cakes in September. I kept that crock for the same purpose.

When I opened the crock I was surprised to find a fruitcake in it.

I hadn’t made a fruitcake for at least four years because my daughter gave me one each year. It was still very fresh and moist.

I had it wrapped in tinfoil and locker paper, the same way mother did.

My son-in-law, Roland Carles, said we had to sample it. We did and had a good laugh. It was tasty and well-cured. It must have been the wine in it!