The Curse of the Common Cold

From our February 2013 issue

By Sylvia WilliamsSummerland, B.C.

You go to bed feeling gratefully fit
But when the morn comes
You wonder what hit!
Your eyes are all bleary,
Your nose is bright red,
Something has happened while you were in bed.
It’s the Curse of the Common Cold!

So, it’s off to the trusty old medicine chest
For ointments and pills
That have had a short rest
You reach for a bottle
But before you can get it
Your head starts to thump like a drum in a thicket.
It’s The Curse of the Common Cold!

You know that your sniffles will last a few days
So now in the house you are forced to stay.
With tissues and vitamins stacked by your side,
You can’t help but wonder
Why men go to the moon in a way that is bold
But can’t find a cure
For the Curse of the Common Cold!