Store had everything

From our February 2013 issue

By Rudy KraussKindersley, Sask.

Janet Leclaire’s pencil sketch of Lindy’s store in Mazenod, Sask., [in the July 2012 issue] brought back many happy memories.

Mom and dad, Mary and Godfried Krauss, had a farm two miles north of the town. All 12 of us grew up on the farm. I remember walking to town to get something for the house or something dad needed for the farm. They had everything in that store. Wonderful people they were.

The picture (below) was taken in 1980 at a reunion we had. It was held north of Holden, Alta., at my nephew’s place. He was my oldest brother’s son.

When this picture was taken Mervin, the youngest, was 48 years old and my oldest brother was 72. We were all two years apart so it isn’t hard to figure out how old we were.

I am now 86 years old and still golfing.

Krauss family reunion at Holden, Alta. L-R: Mervin, Roy, Waldy, Rudy, Adolf, Julius, (sister Emma), John, Gus (sister Olga), Henry, and Godfried.