‘Away we went down the dirt road’

From our February 2013 issue

By Neil Drewry – Victoria, B.C.

I was born on a farm west of Herschel, Sask., in the Rosetown-Biggar-Kindersley area in 1922. Our rural community was called ‘Spring Lake’. I started school at Toft Hill in 1929.

Our neighbours, the Craigs, were shopping for a family car. It was at the time when most farmers were getting cars and before there were such things as drivers licences.

A dealer had provided them with a demonstrator, a 1928 Chev, I believe. Although their son, Don, was older than me, we still palled around together. On this occasion, I was staying over at their place, as we often did.

When time came for me to go home, the family and I piled into this brand new car, with Don at the wheel. He was 11 years old! I was eight or nine. I was in the middle of the front seat between Don and his dad. Away we went down the dirt road between our adjoining farms. I don’t believe they bought that car, but later got a ‘29 Chevy.

What a difference between then and now, with photo radar and traffic police everywhere. The good old days!