A Parody On Age

From our February 2013 issue

By Agnes Hamm – Prince George, B.C.

I had birthday recently.
It happens now and then,
But I no longer count my years,
I count my aches and pains!

And off my rocker I may be,
(The rocking chair, that is!)
It might be fun to gallivant,
But at walking, I’m no whiz!

My hands and wrists can’t manage now,
To open jars and such,
To stand beside the sink is out,
I find it hurts too much.

And when my joints all start to ache,
My back won’t bend or “give”,
My sense of humour helps a lot,
To take things as they is!

I’m thankful for one thing, at least,
I’ve still a lucid mind.
And though my eyes and ears are dim,
My “thinker’s” doing fine!

But though my thinker’s A-OK,
It’s my memory I deplore.
Remembering things from way back when
But not the day before!

An afterthought … just wondering …
Why should things of ages past
And things I should forget
Be the ones so crystal clear,
And bug me even yet?