‘I couldn’t play a note’

From our January 2013 issue

By Rita FauthNorth Battleford, Sask.

When I was a kid back in the ‘40s, I always dreamt of being able to play an instrument, especially an accordion.

My dreams came true when I was in my 60s and I purchased my first accordion. I couldn’t play a note but I bought a lot of old long play records and some kind person told me how to find the C, F, and G chords and with those three keys “you can play hundreds of pieces of music” he told me.

I did learn to play and with the encouragement of friends I started going out to play at the museum, and for the past 11 years I play at nursing homes on a monthly basis.

I get a very warm welcome from the seniors and I am very glad to be able to bring a little music into their lives. I surprise myself sometimes that I am able to do this at my age, but it certainly gives me a lot of pleasure.

Rita Fauth with her accordion in May 2012.