Baking blunders still ‘fresh’ in her memory

From our January 2013 issue

By Daisy Goddard – Brandon, Man.

Back in the 1940s, I made some pumpkin pies. When I went to put them away that night, I couldn’t find two of them. I thought my brothers had tried to pull a fast one and taken and eaten them, but they said they hadn’t.

The next morning I went to put something else in the oven and there were my pies, burned to cinder. Even the dog wouldn’t eat them. Case solved.

One Friday the 13th in the 1940s, I was making a rice pudding for dinner. It was during the canning season and we had two gallon-sized crabapple cans, one with sugar and one with salt in.

I put what I thought was sugar into the pudding, and being busy with other things, I couldn’t remember if I’d put the sugar in.

When I tasted it, I realized I had accidentally used the wrong can. I had put salt in it!

It wasn’t fit to eat. I had to make something else, so I whipped up a white cake and put it in the oven. This would be served with a sauce.

The lady I was working for added more wood to the stove and my cake burned so badly, there was about a quarter-inch in the centre that wasn’t black.

We ended up opening a jar of fruit and added a few cookies for dessert. I don’t believe Friday the 13th to be any different from any other Friday, but that one sure was!