Hotel had resident peeping Tom

From our January 2013 issue

By Imelda Possberg – Spruce Grove, Alta.

While a young girl, my parents decided to send me to a convent school in 1952 to become fluent in French and also learn to do dictation properly in that language.

While there I was to take part in a play and wanted my mother to attend the drama evening. She had a friend who drove and said she would take her to Prudhomme, Sask. and they would stay in the hotel for the night, after the play, and drive home the next day.

They arrived at the hotel and were shown their rooms. The doors had no locks. There was a window above each door, on hinges that faced into the hallway. I assume this was for ventilation in summer.

The owner told the two ladies that the hotel had a peeping tom who stayed there full time, was harmless, but they should put a chair under the door knob, and keep an eye on the window above the door! This man would place a chair in the hallway and stand on it for entertainment.

I’m sure these two modest ladies watched that window while readying for bed.

The hotel had no running water, but a basin and pitcher for washing themselves, and likely a little room down the hall. In later years we had a friend, much older than we were who was a traveller and did so by train, staying in all the little hotels along the way. He had similar stories to tell and would embellish them while relating these stories when a group of us were together.