‘We weren’t afraid of work’

From our January 2013 issue

By Evelyn (Houghton) Blais – Kamloops, B.C.

I had six sisters and of the six, there are only two of us left, Clara and myself. Because there were no boys in our family, we girls were dad’s helping hands. We weren’t afraid of work.

Helping to clean the barn wasn’t my favourite thing. Being the third oldest, I preferred working with mom in the kitchen so always tried my best to keep away from the outside work.

Collecting eggs and feeding the chickens was okay, and I did milk a few cows when I had to but never enjoyed doing it. My small hands couldn’t milk fast enough.

In the summer we had a big garden to weed and keep the potato bugs away. Dad would give us a can with coal oil in it and we’d have to pick the bugs off the leaves into the can. Oh, how I hated that job. Also it was so very hot out there in the sun.

The school picture, I believe I have all the names of those who were in school at the time. We left the farm in 1941 leaving only nine students. I was 11 then.

The teacher was Mr. Sloan. Students were Patsy Berry; ? Brownlee; Dennis Beale; June Benson; Melvin Coleman; Marie Dalzell; brother ? Dalzell; Houghton girls: Doreen, Jean, Mary, and Clara; ? Johansen.

Elementary class of 1938-39 at Raven, Alta.

The school no longer exists but some of us are still around remembering those ‘good old days’.

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