Train plow sent snow flying

From our January 2013 issue

By Jan JoyntCalgary, Alta.

I well remember the 1947 snowstorm in Estevan, Sask. The snowbanks over our garage made for great sliding when I was a little girl.

We lived beside the railroad tracks in Fairlight, Sask., in the section foreman’s house and the snowbanks came to the upstairs windows.

There was always big excitement when the snow plough came through. The section gang boarded up our windows, and when the train came through with its big plough on front, higher than the engine, the snow would fly high in the air for a very long way on either side of the tracks.

It was a short-lived kind of magical episode, but very exiting to all who got to see these monsters doing their job. We, too, never had a phone or electricity, Gas and coal oil lamps provided light for us at night.

The kitchen stove was the source of heat and the biffy was located outside.

What a lot of hardships our parents and others lived through. When the rain barrels froze in the winter, they melted snow on the stove in a big copper boiler.

There also was a reservoir on the kitchen range – the water there was always warm.