Tails could net them a fortune!

From our January 2013 issue

By Marina Antonenko – Saskatoon, Sask.

When spring arrives, so do pussy willows, crocuses, crows, and gophers. As preschoolers, we were always active – not much escaped our attention!

We heard someone say the municipality was paying 1¢ per gopher tail, so here was our chance to make our fortune. Armed with a pail and stout stick, we went to the pasture and gopher hills. I couldn’t kill anything so was assigned the job of carrying water from a nearby slough for drowning them out.

After emptying a few pails of water down the hole, the gopher finally appeared. He looked so wet and cold and barely alive we felt sorry for him, took him home, wrapped him in something warm and put him on the oven door to dry out. Someone older than us must have killed him.

That was the end of our moneymaking scheme.