‘Such an appreciative class’

By Doreen Trevor – Oyen, Alta.

I started teaching the Special Class on Jan. 5, 1976 and had four pupils. We kept busy every day.

We did an enterprise on farming and food. We made a candy house and Easter baskets, decorated Easter eggs and went to the circus in Medicine Hat.

We celebrated Ken and Brent’s birthdays each with a cake that I made for the occasion.

Doreen’s students, Kim Fishback, Michell Smigelski, Brent Foot, and Ken Rutherford.

One day we were sitting around a little table where I was reading to them. Michelle and Brent were on one side of me and Kim and Ken were on the other side. All of a sudden Michelle slipped off her chair and went under the table. Brent got so excited.

I said, “Just leave her and we’ll continue reading.”

It wasn’t long until those big eyes and sweet smile came up and said, “Here I is!” I just gave her a tight squeeze and told her we were glad to have her back.

One day I was teaching them to make straight lines two spaces high, some straight and some at an angle. I gave each pupil a full sheet of foolscap.

Brent was working really well but by recess he was only a little over half a page done. I told him he could go out for recess, but no, he wouldn’t go until he finished, which took him quite a while. He did a very good job and was so proud of his work. After that I only gave them a half sheet of paper.

Ken did very good work and was finished before the others. He always found something to do. Kim was a bit slow but always had it done to her satisfaction.

They were such a loving, appreciative, and willing to learn, class.