Slept with bicycle

From our January 2013 issue

By Pete SteffensNanaimo, B.C.

I was about seven years old when I finally was given a thing new bike…well, secondhand to save money.

My parents were happy to give me such a pleasure, but in the morning after they tiptoed into my room where I was sound asleep, they were shocked that the bike was nowhere in sight.

My bedroom had doors leading to the garden and they were painfully distressed to think that some thief had quietly snuck in and rode off with their gift. They even called the police, but the bike was nowhere to be seen.

When I awoke, due to the commotion, I threw back my covers to reveal the beautiful bike. I had a habit of taking my favourite toys and other things to bed with me as something precious and deserving of sleeping with me!

It ended with laughter, thank goodness, and was remembered for years.