Parents were bootleggers

From our January 2013 issue

By Anna (Holowenko) Osadchuk – Winnipeg, Man.

After reading Gerry Procyshyn’s story about her ‘bootlegging in-laws’ in the July/August 2012 issue, I chuckled and remembered how my parents also bootlegged to make a living for our homestead in Hudson Bay, Sask.

I don’t remember as I was too young, but my mom told me. The stewing of the homebrew was in the barn, which of course was hidden by straw.

Apparently one day the police came to our home and searched but didn’t find anything. Out of the blue sky I, as a little five or so year old, followed them to the barn and I thought I was doing a good deed. I told them where my parents had a hidden barrel brewing for homebrew.

The police uncovered the boards and there was the barrel. They sent me to the house to get a ladle so they could take a sample in a jar they were carrying. I did, and, not knowing what I was doing, they got the proof.

I can’t remember what happened after as I was too young. I guess one of my parents served time.