‘Come to my arms!’

From our January 2013 issue

By Marjorie LaubeSpringside, Sask.

I remember how the men used to ride on top of the freight trains looking for work. There was one day that especially stands out in my memory. My mother and I were driving into town with the horse and buggy. The last two miles to town ran alongside the CP Railway track.

A freight train came by and there were dozens of men riding on the top of the boxcars. One man stood up, held out his arms and hollered out, “Come to my arms, my bundle of charms!” Mother and I had a good laugh over that one. It sounded like a Scotch accent.

I agree that a lot of those men were probably some of the first to join the military when war broke out. What a debt we owe them as I’m sure many of them never came home. That’s why we are living in a free country today and should never forget their sacrifices.