River story stirs memories of fateful day

From our January 2013 issue

Hi Everyone:

What a small world! I say this because I read the story by Betty Baptiste of West Kelowna, B.C., in the October (2012) issue who wrote about being with two boys at the Saskatchewan River. Sadly, one of them had fallen through the ice and drowned.

How well I recall that day!

We were living in Battleford, Sask. at that time and my son, Darryl, played with those two boys all the time. How he missed that day, I don’t know, but thank the Lord he did.

He lives in Saskatoon now, just turned 65, and when I showed him the letter he said what he remembered most was the fire truck going by and the siren being so loud. They dragged the river all that night and several days after but never did find that little boy’s body.

I don’t mention names for it may cause hurt to someone but my name at the time was Thompson.

– Arloa Marsh, Lanigan, Sask.