Principal gets shiner

From our January 2014 issue

By Byrnece (Stally) Palsson – Victoria, B.C.

I was born in 1921 and grew up in Ruddell in northwest Saskatchewan. Mr. Garnet May was the school principal and he taught two of the senior girls, Ivy Moore and Hazel Slack, to do a routine with war clubs for our annual Christmas concert.

They became quite proficient and we junior kids thought they were wonderful. Most of the practice was done at school in the afternoons, but the last week was at the town hall where there was a stage.

The dress rehearsal had gone well. Hazel and Ivy were doing nicely when suddenly Hazel’s club slipped from her hand and Mr. May, who was directing them from the floor below the stage, got it in an eye.

It must have been painful and poor Hazel was mortified but the show went on the next day.

Mr. May turned up with a beautiful shiner. Although everyone felt bad for him, he was a good sport and took a lot of teasing in his stride.