Pigged-out on pudding

From our January 2014 issue

By Theresa Yeo – Fenelon Falls, Ont.

Christmas was our favourite holiday of the year. There was always a real tree and decorations, mostly tinsel.

Being poor, we only gone one gift but we had the best Christmas dinners ever. We mostly had goose in those days because we raised them.

One Christmas I’ll always remember was the one where my mother made a huge pot of rice pudding. No one could make rice pudding or bread pudding like my mom.

Our dinner was ready to be served and the pudding was just done and very hot, so mom told my sister to set it outside in the snow so it would cool fast. With that done, we sat down to eat.

Then came desert time so my sister went to get the pudding. Once she was outside we heard this horrible scream and we all ran to the window to witness a little pig running for the barn.

My sister was crying and licking what was left of the pudding with her finger.

The little pigs had the best Christmas ever!