Oxbow Blizzard of 1946

From our January 2014 issue

By Michael Bartolf – Oxbow, Sask.

There are many stories of the blizzards of 1946, told throughout Saskatchewan. The Oxbow blizzard of 1946 started in the early hours of Saturday morning blowing from the southeast for three days then changing to the northwest and blowing for another three days.

The railway snowplow was stuck in a drift, on its way to cross Moose Mountain Creek to the west of Oxbow, near the cemetery. Thus all traffic in and out of Oxbow came to a complete halt. It was several more days until all was back normal.

It may be of interest to our younger readers that most of the horses, not being needed for the winter, were turned out to fend for themselves. It may also be of interest that when there was a storm, these horses would come home looking for shelter.

I recall our horses came home late on a Friday afternoon when this storm was approaching Oxbow.