Mom taught sewing to girls’ club

From our January 2014 issue

By Dorathea (Riecken) LittleRegina, Sask.

In 1938 the extension department at the University of Saskatchewan was offering a program called ‘home craft’ for teenage girls and a bit older. After looking into this, several ladies in our area thought it would be a good learning program for our young ladies.

Through this they learned basic baking, canning, gardening, knitting, embroidering, and sewing. I know my mother taught the sewing.

At the start, there were about 15 that joined. These young ladies called themselves Prairie Pals. To the meetings they wore matching white dresses trimmed with green and white headbands that had ‘Prairie Pals’ embroidered on.

During WWII, a project they took on was to make a quilt to be raffled later. The pattern they chose was called ‘V for Victory’. The background was dark blue with white Vs, dots and dashes. In the centre was a large red cross.

All good things come to an end, as with this club. I think it ended in 1944 or ‘45.

Club members (left) pose for a photo in their matching outfits; Victory quilt (right) made by the young ladies of the “Prairie Pals” craft club.