Japan In Crisis

From our January 2014 issue

By Lawrence Zelionka – Redvers, Sask.

Japan has very nearly been destroyed,
By an event they could not avoid.
A disastrous nine point two earthquake,
That caused the entire country to shake.

A tsunami followed and in its wake,
Consumed everything it could take.
Thousands of bodies washed up on shore,
And it’s certain there will be more.

Power was disrupted from underground,
Nuclear plants went into meltdown.
Radiation now is an ongoing threat,
It will spread worldwide you can bet.

Throw a recent volcano eruption into the foray,
How long can a country continue that way?
How much punishment must they endure?
Most would give up simple and pure.

To pick up the pieces out of this mess,
Will take a lifetime, is the best guess.
To start again would seem hopeless,
When there are a hundred thousand homeless.

They lead the world in technology,
In spite of their precarious geology.
They are masterminds we do realize,
Electronics is a field in which they specialize.

They are resilient and will bounce back,
Before long will again be on track.
They’ll sell goods which are well made,
Of quality and workmanship, do not be afraid.

A small island in the middle of nowhere,
Can support the people who live there.
Seems they cope with quakes, there’ll be more,
And they will continue to live as before.