It pays to send articles!

From our February 2014 issue

Dear Editor:

My wife was rearranging our hall closet the other day and she brought out a light jacket that I hadn’t worn since last summer. In one of the pockets I found a Chinese fortune cookie. The fortune said I was going to come into some unexpected financial gain.

I don’t put much stock in fortune telling. Then, a few days later, I got notice from my internet server that the cost would be going up. Humph! Some windfall.

A couple of days later I get a notice from the drug plan that our medications were going to be costing us more. Humbug, I thought, so much for fortune cookies.

When I opened our mailbox today, there was a letter from The Senior Paper, and much to my surprise and delight, it was a letter informing me that I was the lucky winner of a one-year subscription. My name was drawn in Story Writing draw for December.

Now I have to wonder was my assessment of fortune cookies wrong? I don’t think so! But the cookie was sure good!

To all those reading this, The Senior Paper is worth paying for, but it also pays to send in articles. I hope some of the stuff I send gladdens somebody’s heart.

Ed Tollefson, Regina, Sask.