From our March 2014 issue

By Sharon Heineman-McLeod – Martensville, Sask.

On bended knee, she prays the first night.
To the Power that is Almighty
Thank you for this wondrous day
The flight of the birds, beauty of the sky
The heat of the sun, family and friends.
My heart rejoices in your goodness. Amen.

Dear Child, He replies, I am most honoured
You rejoice in the splendour of my making.
Remember I walk with you daily, quiet yourself,
see the splendour of the universe.
Listen to your heart, for the quickening
Beats tell you, I am with you always.

She prays again the second night.
Dear Father, I thank you for the perfect yesterday.
Although I do not understand. For you
See, today the wind howls, the snow falls
The sun it does not shine.
Have you forgotten us, have you gone away?

Dear Child, He replies, I hear your prayer and
I have neither left you nor gone away.
Remember Dear Child this is winter.
It is a time for resting, reflection,
making ready For the growing,
and of the harvest is yet to come.
Is it, My Child you need to learn patience?

She replies again the third night.
To the Power that is Almighty, I Pray
For with your guidance may I learn kindness,
Goodness, compassion, a loving heart.
May my heart be open to your teachings.
Patience however does not come so easy yet.