I’m Just Fine

From our March 2014 issuee

By Muriel NelsonBeechy, Sask.

When my friends I chance to meet
How are you? they will say
I reply, I’m just fine
And how are you today?

I don’t hear too well
And my eyesight is failing
I have no sense of taste or smell
And sometimes I don’t swallow well

I have no aches or no pain
I sleep quite well
So why complain?
I’m just fine

With my friends I like to meet
To play Shanghai once a week
Just one card, and I can flop
And catch the whole gang with a lot

I remember way back yonder
Playing Scrabble keeps me sane
But today I have to ponder
What to do and where to wander

I thank you, Lord, for my aids–
for my walker, cane, and hoe
A friend’s hand to keep me steady
Just in case I lose my balance.

My poise, I must keep
Just in case I have a leak
Oh, what a shame
But I’m just fine

At my age of ninety-five
You will find me kind and mellow
Forget the bad times of the past
Remember the good times till the last
When it is time for me to go

When I’m very weak and old
Take my hand, precious Lord, take my hand.