God’s Beauty

From our January 2014 issue

By Rose Purcha – Ituna, Sask.

Spring is when beauty appears
Crocus buds on the trees make you want to cheer
Pussy willows are pretty without a label
Bringing God’s beauty on your table.

Summer is when everything is in a swirl
People are busy like a squirrel
Baseball, football, going to the lake,
All God’s beauty along to take.

Fall is when colours change
Some look rather strange
And it’s great to go out, collecting
Nuts and berries that are so tempting.

Winter has its beauty
Christmas presents and dolls that are so cute,
Snowflakes and hoarfrost make pretty pictures,
Hockey games and skidoos are a big feature.

The clouds and stars are so adorable
Nature tells us it’s all affordable.
God’s beauty and much more
Everything we can ask for.