Dad worked for other farmers

From our January 2014 issue

By Vi Protz – Yorkton, Sask. 

Around 1939 or ‘40, dad and mom, John Jacob and Rose Dittrick, bought a 22-acre plot of land and proceeded to build a two-storey house on it. The house was 24 by 28 feet.

They had six children at the time. A seventh child, my brother Theophile, was born on Oct. 4, 1940, before the roof of the house was finished. Then I was born on Oct. 19, 1943 to complete the family.

Dad was a hard worker and procured jobs working for farmers to feed his growing family because we were dirt poor. As my brother Walter put it: “Sure we were poor, but we never went hungry.”

My parents and all my siblings are gone now so that leaves me an orphan. Sister Elsie died Oct. 19, 1949; brother Theophile died July 10, 1965; dad, Sept. 20, 1976; brother Rudolph, March 10, 1977; mother, Aug. 2, 1988. My brother Phillip died Nov. 2, 2001; sister Audrey, Feb. 19, 2006; brother Frank, April 5, 2012; and brother Walter Feb. 2, 2013.