Can relate to so much in The Senior Paper

From our January 2014 issue


There are so many things in The Senior Paper that I can relate to. I read it over and over again.

The men in my family don’t write letters. Now, computers have made it so no one writes anymore, and I really miss that.

I’ve kept busy with knitting scarves and each time I finish one, someone wants it! With 3 generations who expect a gift from Gram at Christmas, it takes all year to keep up with it. There were 19 on my list for Christmas. I also give some to the Sally-Ann for the homeless, and a couple of bachelor friends. It keeps me out of mischief.

I started knitting with the CGIT at about 8-years-old, and it’s been a useful, and at times profitable, part of my life. I also crochet and do plastic canvas items.

I love receiving letters and belonged to a correspondence group at one time, but they gradually phased out. We are all getting older.

– Dorothy Munnik, Langley, B.C.