Brother’s kindness

From our January 2014 issue

By Margaret Crittal – Cut Knife, Sask.

It took me several days to finish decorating my yard for Christmas. It wasn’t as much as I usually put out but it looked Christmasy anyway.

While I was sitting down relaxing a little I got to thinking back over the years and remembering as a child, we never had decorations. We didn’t have a tree either, for that matter.

We lived in the country west of Rocky Mountain House, Alta. and back in the ‘30s nobody had much of anything.

I attended the little country school and at Christmas we had a tree decorated with crepe paper streamers and strings of popcorn.

When Santa Claus came, each student was given a bag of candy including an orange which was a special treat back then.

At home Christmas morning, I was some excited when there was a lone package for me which consisted of five little balls of yarn and a pair of small knitting needles.

My brother was home for a few days and wanted to teach me how to knit. I found out when I was older that my brother had bought me that gift with some of his trapping money. That is one memory I’ll never forget!