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The Senior Paper is a subscription-based publication and both print and digital editions are available by paid subscription. If you do not currently have a subscription to the digital edition, you can click here to start your subscription today.

A subscription to the print edition is not required to access the digital edition. Both the print and digital editions are stand-alone editions and subscribers can choose the option that best suits them:

  • Print only
  • Digital only
  • Print & Digital

Subscriptions to the print edition do not automatically include a subscription to the digital edition. Each edition has its own associated costs to subscribers. To keep subscriptions affordable, we do not automatically pass these costs onto subscribers who only want one of the editions, either print or digital. We offer a special subscription price (more info here) for subscribers who want both issues.

The Senior Paper is a subscription-reliant publication. While other publications may get much of their revenue from advertising sales, we rely on subscription sales to produce and publish each edition, as there is very little advertising in The Senior Paper.

Not every print edition subscriber will want the digital edition (or vice versa) and it would be unfair to have subscribers subsidizing the costs of an edition they do not want, and we give subscribers the option of paying for only what they want, rather than having to subsidize what they do not.

The digital edition is a replica of the print edition, in digital format, that can be viewed on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Digital issues are available on the first Monday of each month. Digital subscribers will receive an email when new issues are available.

Absolutely! As a subscriber, you’re invited to share your wonderful, precious memories with us! More information on submission guidelines, and how to submit your story can be found by clicking here.

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Yes. Access to the digital edition is by paid subscription and an account is required to administer access.

The accounts for the digital edition and the print edition are not the same, as some subscribers my only want either digital, print, or both. For this reason, accounts are not linked.

Unless you specifically create an account and purchase access to the digital edition, you will not be able to log in. The information you’ve provided to receive the print edition does not allow for access to the digital edition. You can signup for the digital edition here.

To help ensure privacy and security for all subscribers, the online store (print edition) accounts are not connected to the digital edition accounts. To log into the digital edition, you will need to have created a digital edition account. You can log in or signup here.

If you have trouble signing into your account, please check to ensure you have correctly entered the email address and password used to create the account. It may help to refresh your browser window to clear the old information out first, then enter it again.

If this does not work, you can reset your password by clicking here. You will be prompted to enter your email address (the email address used to create the account) and will receive an email with instructions to reset your password so that you can sign in.

You can reset your password by clicking here. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password and you can then sign in to your account.

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