The Senior Paper is a senior citizen focused publication based in western Canada. Published monthly for over 40 years, new issues are published the first Monday of each month, 11 times per year (every month except August.)

A vibrant community of seniors age 60+ from across Canada lives within the pages of The Senior Paper! Seniors are sharing, connecting, and reconnecting with each other, often decades after losing touch and the paper even played a small role in helping long-lost lovebirds reunite and marry after over 60 years apart! See their incredible story on Global News.

Everyone has a great story to tell

Each one of us lives a life filled with special moments that touch us in a meaningful way. When we gather with friends and family, we share these moments and our precious memories, forging deeper connections with others. The Senior Paper celebrates these memories. We believe everyone has a great story to tell and we’re proud to give seniors a platform to share their cherished memories with others!

Every issue is a treasure trove of information and rich, interesting history. The good, the bad, and the highs and lows of life are presented unvarnished by the very people who experienced them. These memories are wrapped around treasured photographs of past and present day.

“The Senior Paper records cultural history as seen and experienced by people who lived the time, events and activities.”

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