Bridge group continues to meet

From our March 2013 issue

By Helen Kosmonek – Foam Lake, Sask.

Our ladies bridge club as it was known was organized by Susie Stevenson in 1958 with 12 interested players. This made three tables.

Each one hosted the group once through the winter. We also had spares. Games were played on Wednesdays.

A few years later when we were all grandmothers, we named the club ‘Granny Bridge’ and it has been called that ever since. Sometimes, if we are short players for the windup in spring, Helgi Helgason will fill in and help us out.

Some of the original group were: Hilda Reed, Hildus Henry, Ruby Tapscote, Marj White (who is still playing today at 92 years of age and is the only one living of the original players), Ila Steele, Mary Jasonson, Lila Douglas and Beulah Abtosway. Spares were Helen Buckingham, Pearl Abtosway, Winnie Bildfell and Hilda Chant.

Ladies Bridge Club, now known as ‘Granny Bridge’. Back: Regina Cruickshank; Audrey Zapotechny; Marion Wunda; Kay Eddy; Anne Krenke; Rose Radom; Kay Rogers; Myrna Helgason; Doreen Dabrowski; Lenore McGowan. Front: Agnita Laxdal; Alice McGregor; Winnie Bildfell; Marj White; Birdie McNeill; Marion Dunlop.


Back: Audrey Anderson; Elaine Beattie; Elaine Smith; Lenore McGowan; Audrey Zapotechny; Kay Eddy; Anna Johnson. Front: Helen Kosmonek; Rose Radom; Kay Rogers; Doreen Dabrowski; Marj White; Birdie McNeill; Myrna Helgason; Fern Nicholls; Helgi Helgason.