Did tea leaves predict her future?

from our December 2012 issuessue

By Ina Schoonover – Ridgedale, Sask.

We had our baby in mid-April 1955, and a few weeks later we visited our friends, Geraldine and Russell.

After supper the men retired to the living room. As Geraldine and I gathered up the dishes, she mentioned that her cup had interesting patterns in it. This was long before tea bags.

I said, “Lyle is good at reading cups,” so I gave the cup to Lyle and he studied it for a few minutes making comments, then said, “I see the ‘old hen’ is on the nest again!”

I told him that it wasn’t my cup, it was Geraldine’s! Well, he never read tea cups again and, by the way, Geraldine was pregnant!